Scam Save is a comprehensive educational program to defend against scammers. It includes educational material, techniques, and tools to prep you and avoid potential identity or fraud scams. We cannot guarantee you will not fall victim but we can increase your likelihood of not falling for them which is a win against them.

Scam Save is a digital product put together by industry leading Cybersecurity experts that leverage years of learning and insight into scammer techniques and provide you with best practices to avoid falling victim to latest scams and financial frauds.

According to the FTC, in 2023 over $2.7 Billion dollars has been stolen from victims from impostor scammer category. This is up from $800 Million in just 5 years.

Total for 2023 in all scammer fraud was over $10 Billion dollars affecting over 2.6 million people; its not just impostor scammers to worry about but also attacks on many other types of scams:

Business Impersonators, COVID-19 Scams, Car Buying Scams, Charity Scams, Debt and Credit Scams, FTC Impersonators, Fake Check Scams, Family Emergency Scams, Free Trial Scams, Gift Card Scams, Government Impersonators, Health and Weight Loss Scams, IRS Impersonators, Job Scams, Medicare Impersonators, Money-Making Opportunity Scams, Phishing Scams, Phone Scams, Prize and Grant Scams, Rental and Housing Scams, Romance Scams, Scams Against Immigrants, Scams Against Older Adults, Scams Against Small Businesses, Social Security Impersonators, Student Loan and Education Scams, Tech Support Scams, Wire Transfer Scams

As mentioned above, we provide industry best practices, techniques, and tools to prep you for battle against scammers. Hopefully avoiding them from the very start.

When you sign-up for our program, you get immediate access to common scam attempts, checklist of activities you can do to minimize exposure and attack probability, links to relevant scam information and protection tools. An overall better exposure on how to stop scams from the beginning.

  • Information on Common Scams
  • Checklist of Proactive Measures to Follow
  • Links to Latest Scam and Fraud Data, Scammer Insights and Payback
  • Steps to Take if you have been a Victim
  • eBook: Identity and Data Protection for the Average Person

Not interested in signing-up yet? No problem, take a look at our free lesson to see if it helps convince you.

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